Thursday, December 20, 2007

Progenitorivox rocks

"They've spent millions to convince me...that paisley pill's for me!"

Big Pharma. Oh SNAP!

888 Reading Challenge

I truly hope to plan my reading for 2008 and perhaps even broaden my horizons with...fiction. With that in mind, the 888 Reading Challenge caught my eye.

Here are the categories I've chosen thus far:
  • British History
  • Novels from The Well Educated Mind
  • Books by Simon Winchester
  • Mathematics (GASP!)
  • Biographies
  • Classic Readings, which will likely consist of this one book.
  • Christianity
  • TBD
Note the near absence of fiction. I'm trying, people. I am. The final category may be Read-alouds That Count as 888 Fiction. Ha! I'll consider it a miracle if I come close to 56 books from set categories without diverting into education books.* I may consider it a miracle if I follow through at all.

2008: My Year of Ordered Thinking.

*Why must I plow through the same ed books, again and again? Lack of confidence? Familiarity? Obsession? It's been a rare day this year when I left the house without my now-floppy copy of The Latin-Centered Curriculum.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cold Feet

Call me a perfectionist. Call me uptight. I am challenged by where I want to go with this here weblog; it's little more than a scratch pad thus far.

I'll begin with two wants here:
• Soothing, graphics and an interesting layout (a towering bread pudding for the eyes), and...
• Matchless writing that humbly displays the real marshmallow-y and confident me.


I'll settle for the occasional wordmerge and snippets of fresh, disconnected thoughts and snortlaughs, pastry-wrapped with pictures from my real life and enticing shiny, magpie bits I find on the interwebs.

Will she? Or won't she?